EEO 21, LLC, established in July 2004 as a sole proprietorship, is located in Feasterville-Trevose,
    Bucks County, near Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania. It is solely owned and operated by Chungsoo J.
    Lee, a non-attorney specializing discrimination cases in federal employment.  EEO 21 became a
    limited liability company in March 2009.

    Mr. Lee had worked as a discrimination investigator for nine years at Pennsylvania Human Relations
    Commission.  In that capacity he has conducted numerous fact-finding conferences, successfully
    negotiated settlements, and investigated and recommended hundreds of findings.  During his tenure
    he successfully handled over a thousand cases.

    Federal agency cases handled by EEO 21 since April 2005:

    FEMA, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, General Services Administration, US Postal Service,
    Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Commissary Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau
    of Land Management, Department of Veterans Affairs, Farm Service Agency, FAA, Smithsonian
    Institution, National Business Center, Small Business Administration, Transportation Security
    Administration, Defense Logistics Agency, Federal Bureau of Prisons, National Guard Bureau,
    Army Installation Management Agency, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, National Park
    Service, Grain Inspection-Packers and Stockyards Admin., Court Services and Offender
    Supervision Agency, Department of Justice, NASA, National Security Agency, US Customs and
    Border Protection, USDA Forest Service, USDA, FBI, Employment Standards Administration,
    Social Security Administration, Dept. of Defense Education Activity, US Coast Guard, Air
    National Guard, Army National Guard, Department of State, IRS, Defense Intelligence Agency,
    Dept. of the Army, Dept. of Navy, Dept. of the Air Force.  

    Merit Systems Protection Board hearings (CA, MN, AK, PA, DC, NY, UT)
    EEOC hearings (VA, CA, NC, PA, DC, IL, GA, KY)

    Numerous appeals to Office of Federal Operations (OFO)/EEOC, Washington, DC.

    Private employment cases handled by EEO 21 at the following administrative agencies:

    EEOC (PA, GA, FL, DE, NY, MN, NJ, MS, TX, IL, CA)
    Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC)
    Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR)
    New Jersey Division on Human Rights
    Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC)
    Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC)
    National Labor Relations Board (Philadelphia)
    Unemployment compensation offices (PA, NJ, MS, TX)
    Delaware Department of Labor - Discrimination Program

    Pro se litigation assisted by EEO 21:

    US District Court - Middle District, North Carolina

    List in progress...

    Mr. Lee is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice pertaining to the court.  He represents
    clients during the federal EEO process (both informal and formal complaint stages), before an
    administrative judge in the EEOC hearing or MSPB hearing process, or before any other administrative
    agencies investigating discrimination complaints nationwide.  He can also represent clients at the
    settlement negotiation or mediation conference at the EEOC or during the informal process in the
    federal EEO process.  He can file an appeal brief to Office of Federal Operations (OFO), or file
    motions, response to motions to the administrative judge during the EEOC or MSPB hearing process.  
    Mr. Lee can represent federal employees before a board of appeals dealing with disciplinary actions
    within each federal Agency or in the fact-finding conference or during the phone interview conducted by
    EEO investigator during the federal EEO process.  He can assist with responding to EEO
    investigator's questionnaire and providing a rebuttal to the Agency decision maker's affidavits during
    the Formal EEO process.  

    Mr. Lee holds:

    MA from Villanova University, Pennsylvania.
    MAR from Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania.
    BA from Wheaton College, Illinois.  

    He is married with two beautiful daughters.

    For any questions, please feel free to call Mr. Lee  at (215) 939-5831.

    Mr. Lee is not an attorney but can represent clients at any state or federal administrative processes,
    including EEOC hearings ( and MSPB hearings (  Mr. Lee does not
    practice law and cannot provide attorney-client protection privileges.  However, as any union shop
    stewards can, Mr. Lee can represent federal or private employees at any administrative proceedings
    such as those referenced above.  Mr. Lee cannot and does not represent clients at court proceedings
    at any level - federal, state, or local.

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